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Interested candidates are welcome to apply for internships, Bachelor or Master thesis, PhD student or postdoc positions. We can offer highly interesting projects in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry or molecular medicine. Several projects deal with mutations and diseases that are linked to RNA modifications or proteins involved in RNA biology.



Current opening:


PhD student position(s)

in the group of Prof. Dr. Markus T. Bohnsack.

The anticipated start is September 1st 2018 (or later). The project is funded by a grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) with the aim to better understand the dynamics and regulation of cellular RNAs and RNA-protein complexes.

RNAs and RNA-protein complexes (RNPs) play key roles in many cellular processes including various steps in gene expression. Our research focuses on understanding the biogenesis, dynamics and function of different classes of RNAs and RNPs in both yeast and human cells. We employ up-to-date methods from biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, among them several powerful high-throughput approaches such as (PAR-)CRAC/CLIP, RNA-seq and mass spectrometry. These methods are used to analyse the key roles of RNA helicases, their cofactors and other proteins in regulating RNP biogenesis and function, and how their dysregulation can lead to disease. Open projects in our lab aim to further explore these key topics of RNA/RNP biology. Furthermore, we are studying the important roles of RNA modifications in RNA and RNP dynamics and we offer projects investigating different aspects of “epitranscriptome” research. RNA modifications have recently been identified in diverse cellular RNAs and constitute highly dynamic/reversible regulators that both facilitate and fine-tune gene expression. These exciting discoveries are complemented by the finding that defects in RNA modifications or modification enzymes represent major contributors to disease and tumorigenesis.

Such interdisciplinary projects will be conducted within an enthusiastic and international team and involve collaborations with experts in the fields of medicine, structural biology and organic chemistry within the excellent environment of the Göttingen research campus and beyond.

We therefore seek excellent candidates with a Master in Biochemistry, Biology or related areas and experience in at least one of these fields (e.g. human cell culture, RNA-protein complexes, RNA mo-difications, genome-wide analyses) and who are interested to work on this topic in a dynamic team.

In areas where women are underrepresented, the University Medical Center Göttingen encourages women to apply. Handicapped applicants with equal qualifications will be given preferential treatment.

Please send the PDF file of your application including your CV, exam certificates and list of publica-tions, a summary of your current scientific work and names of three academic referees by e-mail to

Applications need to be received by June 18th, 2018. Only applicants selected for interview will be contacted after the application deadline.



Prof. Dr. Markus T. Bohnsack, Department for Molecular Biology, University Medical Center Göttingen, Humboldtallee 23, 37075 Göttingen, Germany; Tel.: +49-(0)551-395968; E-mail: