Open positions

 We are always interested in talented, dedicated and highly motivated scientists to join our international team. Please contact Nuno Raimundo  (firstname.lastnameatmed.uni-goettingendotde) for applications and opportunities.


1. lab rotation

We may consider students who wish to do their lab rotation (minimum 6 weeks). Please contact us to determine space availability.  


2. Diploma/Master Thesis

We are able to receive a limited number of diploma students. Please apply at least 3-4 months before the anticipated starting date.


3. PhD students

We can accomodate a limited number of PhD students. A lab rotation or internship in the lab is required prior to the start of the PhD studies. Currently, we can only accomodate PhD students who have external funding.


4. Postdoctoral scientists

Postdoctoral candidates are invited to apply at least 6-9 months in advance, in order to allow enough time for funding applications. Applicants without first-author publications in peer-reviewed journals cannot be considered. Currently, we can only accomodate postdoctoral scientists that have external funding. The application should contain a motivation letter detailing your interest in the lab and potential project, CV including a list of publications, a short description of your previous projects and your technical skills, as well as the contacts of two references.