Prof. Dr. Peter Rehling

Universitätsmedizin Göttingen
Institut für Zellbiochemie
Humboldtallee 23
D-37073 Göttingen

Secretary: Eva Ausmeier

Phone: +49 (0)551 39-65947
Fax: +49 (0)551 39-5979
E-mail: eva.ausmeier(at)

1991 – 1993 Diploma work in the lab of Prof. Dr. E.W. Weiler, Ruhr-Universität-Bochum.

1993 – 1996 PhD thesis in the lab of Prof. Dr. Dr. W.-H. Kunau at the Institut für Physiologische Chemie, Ruhr University Bochum.

1996 – 1998 Postdoctoral position in the lab of Prof. Dr. Dr. W.-H. Kunau.

1998 – 2000 Postdoctoral position in the lab of Prof. Dr. S.D. Emr, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Division of Cellular & Molecular Medicine, University of California San Diego, USA.

2000 – 2004 Assistant professor (Habilitation) at the Institute for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Freiburg.

2001 – 2006 Group leader in the SFB388 Zelluläre Funktionen dynamischer Proteinwechselwirkungen.

2003 Habilitation for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Medical Faculty, University of Freiburg.

since 2007 Head of the Department of Cellular Biochemistry (formerly Biochemistry II) of the University of Göttingen

2010 – Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry Research Fellow

2015 – Program Director International Max Planck Research School “Molecular Biology”

2016 – Coordinator Collaborative Research Center on “Compartmental Gates and Contact Sites in cells” (SFB1190)

2004 Research Award of the University of Freiburg

2005 Young Investigator Award of the GBM and Schering Stiftung

2013 ERC Advanced Grant „Mitochondrial translational regulation coupled to respiratory chain assembly and protein import“ – MITRAC”

2016 Copernicus Award of the DFG and FNP together with Prof. Dr. A. Chacinska

Mitochondria are the powerhouse of eukaryotic cells and produce the bulk of cellular ATP through oxidative phophorylation. Moreover, mitochondria fulfil additional important cellular tasks such as the generation of FeS-clusters, they are involved in amino acid and lipid metabolism, and the regulation of programmed cell death.

Most of the approximately 1000 mitochondrial proteins are imported from the cytosol into mitochondria post-translationally. However, a small number of hydrophobic proteins are synthesized within mitochondria.

We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms by which proteins are transported across the mitochondrial membranes and to find out how multi-protein complexes in the inner membrane (TIM complexes; translocation machineries of the inner membrane) mediate this task. In another aspect of our work we addresses the question as to how newly imported proteins assemble into multi-protein complexes in the inner membrane. In case of the respiratory chain complexes the assembly process is especially demanding since central subunits of the complexes are made within mitochondria. Dedicated chaperone-like factors are required to assist and regulate the assembly process. The analysis of the principles of the biogenesis process and the activities of the assembly factors is of central importance for our understanding of the molecular basis of human mitochondrial disorders. In our work we combine biochemical and genetic techniques on the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisae with experiments in human cell lines. Research topics that we currently address are:

Transport and membrane insertion of mitochondrial proteins.

Assembly of inner mitochondrial membrane complexes and how this process is affected in mitochondrial disorders.

Biogenesis of mitochondrially-encoded proteins.

Mitochondrial translational regulation coupled to respiratory chain assembly and protein import

Mitochondrial respiratory chain complexes assemble from nuclear- and mitochondria-encoded subunits in the inner membrane. To protect cells from accumulating unassembled subunits in the membrane, ROS generation, or damage of mitochondrial integrity, regulatory mechanisms to balance and control the fidelity of the assembly process have evolved, encorporating a retention system enabling the preservation of a select few founding complexes for on-demand assembly. In yeast mitochondria, a feedback mechanism has been identified for the cytochrome oxidase in which assembly-intermediates specifically inactivate translation of the core subunit Cox1. It is controversially debated if similar translation regulating mechanisms exist in human mitochondria. However, our recent findings show that in human mitochondria assembly intermediates of respiratory chain complexes affect translation, nevertheless the underlying sensing and signalling mechanisms as well as the protein components appear to be more complex than in yeast. We aim to understand how this regulatory cycle is established; how does a distinct assembly intermediate of cytochrome oxidase signal the translation system, and how the influx of imported subunits contributes to this process. These goals are conceptually deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the membrane protein complex assembly process and the factors that promote its progression. These objectives are of key importance for understanding the molecular pathology of mitochondrial encephalomyopathies that are frequently due to respiratory chain assembly and quality control malfunction. The aim of our analyses is to provide insight as to how translation can be coupled to the assembly of a membrane protein complex comprised of subunits of dual genetic origin and to decipher mitochondrial translational regulation coupling to the influx of imported nuclear encoded subunits.

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  • Pacheu-Grau, P., Bareth, B., Dudek, J., Juris, L., Vögtle, F.-N., Wissel, M., Leary, S., Dennerlein, S., Rehling, P., Deckers, M. (2015), Cooperation between COA6 and SCO2 in COX2 maturation during cytochrome c oxidase assembly links two mitochondrial cardiomyopathies. Cell Metabolism 21, 823-833
  • Dennerlein, S., Rehling, P. (2015), Human mitochondrial COX1 assembly into cytochrome c oxidase at a glance. J. Cell Sci. 128, 833-837

The lab is always interested in applications of highly motivated PhD students and Postdoctoral fellows who are interested in exciting molecular aspects of mitochondrial cell biology.

Applicants should have a strong background in biochemistry, chemistry, or biology. We expect that applicants have previously worked with human cell culture and are familiar with the related techniques. Since the project will aim for generating and analyzing mouse models, experience in working with mice would be instrumental to the project. We are looking for a ambitious coworkers to work as part of our international team in Göttingen.

Please send application with a cover letter (describing your interests and motivation), a full CV, copies of exams, and two letters of reference as well as a list of publications (in case of Postdoctoral fellows).

1. Protein dynamics of protein translocases during precursor transport

2. Mechanisms of translational regulation in mitochondria – a molecular basis for human disorders

Recent publications of our work are listed on the Webpage

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Rehling


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