Curriculum vitae

1983 Diploma in biology in the group of Prof. Ulrich Thurm, (Institute for Neurophysiology, Wilhelms University of Münster).
1987 PhD in biochemistry in the group of Prof. Kurt von Figura (Institute for Physiological Chemistry, Wilhelms University Münster).
since 1987 Leader of the Group for protein analysis (HPLC systems, Edman sequencing, peptide synthesis, mass spectrometry) in the Department of Cellular Biochemistry (formerly Biochemistry II), Georg-August University Göttingen).
2004 Foundation of the Göttingen Proteomics Forum
Research projects Sequencing and cloning of lysosomal enzymes. Identification of transport signals in lysosomal enzymes. Identification of formylglycine as a postranslational modification in the active site of sulfatases. Identification and characterization of the formylglycine-generating enzyme (FGE). Characterization of the catalytic mechanism of sulfatase modification by FGE. Proteome of matrix and membrane proteins of the lysosome.
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