Bioinformatics services include :

  • Experimental design consultation
  • Data analysis of various data types :

Pricing Microarrays :

Microarray data analysis includes preprocessing, quality assessment, statistical testing, functional analysis and result visualisation. The price for data analysis is 600 Euro/project on a collaborative basis.

Pricing Deep Sequencing:

We provide the following bioinformatics services for data generated in our facility:

  • Experimental design consultation
  • Analysis and generation of publication-ready figures
  • Result interpretation and recommendations of follow-up experiments

Pricing Deep Sequencing:

We support a wide range of next generation sequencing (NGS) applications using both published and in-house developed software programs. These applications include transcriptome profiling, genome and transcriptome de novo assembly, NGS-based genotyping, ChIPseq, methyl-seq, as well as a wide range of customized solutions.

Data generation includes quality assessment and optional filtering and trimming of the data. The price for data generation for internal users is 400 Euro/project.

Data analysis includes extensive quality control (QC), mapping, read summarization/SNP calling, data visualization, statistics, functional annotation and interpretation of the data. Additional or customized analyses can be performed under a co-authorship basis using the guidelines established by the Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities ( The price for analysis for internal users is 1200 Euro/project.

As members of the Goettingen Bioinformatics Research community, we collaborate with external partners for specific project categories:

Clinical research project statistics and biometrics are performed by Prof. Tim Beißbarth, Group Head Statistical Bioinformatics and Dr. Andreas Leha, Head Core Facility Medical Biometry and Statistical Bioinformatics, department of Medical Statistics at the University Medical Center Götttingen (

Regulatory network analyses (epigenetics) are performed by Dr. Stefan Bonn, research group leader Computational Analysis of Biological Networks, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (